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Jetbox builds intuitive, dynamic web applications using Flash and PHP.
With user interface expertise and technical server know-how, we can surface your data and bring your content to life in engaging and accessible ways.

Jetbox was approached to develop a bank of educational games to accompany books teaching English to primary age children. We developed 2 game "engines" and produced 37 game iterations based on them. The games were keyboard accessible, content managed through XML files and featured individual scoreboard functionality.

To enhance their local election coverage Cambridgeshire County Council commissioned Jetbox to develop an interactive results map. The map we built used colour highlighting to show incumbent parties, polled for live updates on count day and ran in fullscreen "autopilot" mode.

FamilyCam asked Jetbox to build a robust video player that could take advantage of the full screen, hardware accelerated video playback features of Adobe Flash. We delivered a player with a plethora of features that could be controlled from HTML using Javascript, render beautiful subtitles and handle video with different aspect ratios gracefully.

Jetbox fulfilled a challenging brief to program a touchscreen kiosk on time and on budget. The touchscreen application featured database-driven menu data, an image gallery with video playback and auto-update capabilities. Dynamic data was served up to the Flash interface using PHP code also written by Jetbox.

After seeing our election map for Cambridge County Council, Huntingdonshire District Council got in touch and requested something similar. Jetbox responded with an application that showed candidates and results for parliamentary, local and parish elections - all in a slick, easy to use interface that took its data from the council's SharePoint server.

Engine Creative got in touch and asked us to help them store entered information for some Flash games they had developed. We responded fast with a neat web service written in PHP, a MySQL database and a some sample Flash Actionscript code to help them hook it up.


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Google's BrowserSize is handy to quickly check what parts of your site are visible for users:

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